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Schneider Electric SA

Altivar Speed Drives, ATV 68 ...

Type:  AC/DC Drive Control
Description:  The ATV 68 is a compact and robust speed drive for all types of high-power 3-phase asynchronous motors. The Altivar 68 incorporates the latest technological developments and its innovative functions meet the requirements of the most common applications, notably: ventilation, air-conditioning, pumping, conveying, grinding, handling and lifting. The Altivar 68 has several application-specific preset configurations with few basic parameters that can be modified using the programming terminal to create additional functions. It covers a range from 75 to 500 kW for high-torque applications and from 90 to 630 kW for standard-torque applications for a single voltage range from 400 to 500 V. In spite of its high performance, it is easy to adjust. The introduction of elements on the motor rating plate and autotuning on stopping make it possible to obtain high torque together with remarkable drive quality, even at very low rotation speeds (< 0.5 Hz).
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  The main functions are dual configuration (2 motors); integrated PID drive (flow rate, pressure, speed correction); 7 possible preset speeds; JOG operation; brake release sequences for translational movement and hoisting; user-definable analogue and logic inputs; +/- speed; skip frequencies; comparator functions; logic functions; starting and speed regulation via flux vector control; 4 energy saving levels for variable torque applications; protection of motor and speed drive; automatic catching of spinning load with speed search (catch on the fly); high overtorque on start-up; separate 24 Vc supply for control circuit.
Specifications:  RS 485 on RJ 45 and DB9 (female); 1200 to 19200 bps