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Datalogic S.p.A.

Omni-Directional Laser Bar-code Scanner, DX8200A

Type:  Misc. Hardware
Description:  Omni-directional laser bar code scanner, purposely designed to satisfy the needs of sorting applications for the Transportation & Logistics market
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP/IP
Features:  Based on the innovative 3-diode structure, that offers an real-time Depth Of Field. 3 laser diodes are electronically switched from one to the other, depending on the bar-code distance from the scanner. Scanner is able to capture the bar code on an object of any possible shape, in any position, as the DX8200A focuses on the bar code and not on the object profile. Connectivity has been improved with the introduction of built-in Ethernet connectivity with implemented TCP-IP, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP and Profinet protocols. A practical display with keyboard offers a simple and complete human interface without the need of a PC.
Specifications:  See attached spec. sheet.