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Roper Associates

Events SCADA software

Type:  Software - SCADA
Description:  Events is a SCADA software package with the look and feel of standard Window programs. Events builds its own historical database and outputs reports in HTML format. Events includes networking, HTML output, task scheduler, real time displays, trends, reports, email output, and security; all in one.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Modbus communications: Use spreadsheets to add and delete sensors or devices into your modbus setup; ALERT communications: Events interfaces with Modbus Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), PLCs, and ALERT transmitters; Defined sensors: Lookup tables, complex equations, if-then-else, capture procedures, binary operations; Create form displays for your application; Form designer for custom graphical screen displays; Easy to use interface; Components: buttons, edit boxes, bar chart, trends, leds, annunciators, labels, 3d labels, pumps, valves, images, HOA buttons, on-off buttons, click labels, button charts, shapes, global alarm shapes, polygons, windrose, rain buttons; Databases: Text and binary, setup by user. Use the SQL editor to view your data and trend it; SQL commands to access database: Do maximum, minimum, average, sum, sum row, max row, min row, between dates, where filters. Build an SQL statement, run it, and save it to use in reports; Alarm manager with actions for each alarm; View, print or schedule html output of current and historical alarms.
Specifications:  See attached spec. sheet.