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Unitronics M90/M91 OPLC

Type:  Controller
Description:  The M90/M91 OPLC is a micro-PLC with a built-in operating panel that contains an LCD display screen and full numeric keypad for easy man-machine communication. The M90/M91 offers a variety of expandable onboard I/O configurations, a two 16-character-text-line LCD and keypad (one line in the M90 models). 12 convenient models make the M90/M91 appropriate for water treatment, alarm systems, traffic signal control, automated production, process control (thermal, level, pressure), and many more. The M91 uses Modbus to create a multi-device network, and establish client/server communication between M91 OPLC? units and any connected device that supports Modbus.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Integral HMI cuts programming time, wiring and cabinet space. Operator panel displays conditional messages; Insert data via the M90/M91 keypad; Show time, date, bit status, timer and integer values (up to 64 HMI variables); Display up to 80 user-designed screens; View I/O status, integer values and system data via Info mode; Special features include shaft-encoder inputs; Temperature and weight measurement via expansion modules
Specifications:  4 PID loops, Auto-tune is provided via an external PC application; Print utility via RS232; Click-and-mark time based control; Scroll between recipes via the "List" variable; Full source upload; 1024 integers database.