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Schneider Electric SA

Vigilohm Insulation Monitor Communication Modules

Type:  Monitoring Hardware
Description:  Insulation monitoring is provided on IT systems to detect and indicate insulation faults as soon as they occur. The basic function is carried out by an Insulation Monitoring Device (IMD), also referred to in certain documentation as a permanent or continuous insulation monitor (PIM or CIM respectively). The monitoring device injects a DC or low-frequency AC voltage between the installation and earth. The insulation resistance is determined from the resulting current. This technique can be used on all types of installations: AC, DC, rectified, mixed AC/DC, etc.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Vigilohm System fulfils the following basic functions measurement of insulation level on all types of installations; manual or automatic location of insulation faults; measurement of the insulation resistance and earth leakage capacitance of each circuit; centralization of fault locating measurements on the IMD display units; communication with a supervisor (transmission of measurements and reception of settings).
Specifications:  Modbus serial link (up to 9600 bps)