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Bachmann electronic

M1 (M200 series)

Type:  Controller
Description:  Industrial controller family (M200 series) consists of a full range of individual modules connectable via a backplane to customized automation solutions. All popular analog and digital I/O signal levels as well as functional modules for PWM, counting, positioning or advanced data acquisition are available.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
Features:  The M1 system can operate up to 4 Modbus servers in parallel and supports all usual baud rates. Modbus TCP is provided by the two on-board Ethernet connectors on the CPU modules as well as on dedicated Ethernet modules anywhere in the distributed automation system. For the operation as server, the Modbus address spaces (primary tables) can be mapped by configuration to any I/O range or variable on the controller - individually for each server process/interface.
Specifications:  Combines the openness of PC-based control with reliability of industrial hardware; Designed for tough environmental conditions at minus temperatures and ? fanless ? up to an ambient temperature of 60?C; Library of ready-to-use, field-tested loop control modules; Programmable in all IEC 61131 PLC languages as well as C/C++, Java and Simulink.