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Open Control Solutions

Pump Control Device (T2000)

Type:  Controller
Description:  The Total Control Unit (T2000) is a constant-speed pump controller for Lift Station and Tank with Well Pump applications.
Connectivity:  Modbus ASCII
Features:  Configurable for 1, 2, or 3 Pumps; Three ?Fail-Safe? HOA Switches; Integrated Elapsed Time Meters; Use Floats and/or Level Transducer; Supports Redundant Level Sensors; Integrated Pump Alternator; RMS 240/480 VAC 3-Phase Monitor; Alarm Light & Horn Outputs; On-Board Alarm Silence Button; Integrated User Interface; 4 x 20 Character LCD & Keypad; 12 LEDs for Input & Output Status; Two 12-Bit Analog (4-20) Inputs; Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Input RS-485 Interface Connection; RS-232 Modbus ASCII Interface; 71 Pre-set Modbus I/O Registers; M.O.V., Transorb & Opto-isolated; Integrated 115 VAC Power Supply; Integrated Backup Battery Charger; Size: 8.75"H x 5.75"W x 5.50"D 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty; Integrated Autodialer Highlights; 22 User Selectable Dial-out Events; Set-up via T2000 Keypad; Calls up to Four Phone Numbers; Factory Recorded Digital Messages; 4-Digit PIN Acknowledgement Connects to Standard Phone Line; Dial-Tone Detection Indicator; Uses T2000 Integrated Power Supply; 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
Specifications:  See attached spec. sheet.