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Type:  Software - Device Driver
Description:  The MBX Family of products provides connectivity to devices on Modicon-based networks. Modbus, Modbus Plus, and Modbus TCP/IP are all supported. Applications can interface with plant-floor devices using a variety of communication layers, such as OPC, Modicon?s NETLIB, and the high performance MBX API. With the MBX Family of products, even DOS and 16-bit Windows software (e.g, Modsoft, Concept) can be used with the latest versions of Windows.
Connectivity:  Modbus, Modbus TCP/IP
Features:  MBX Premier Suite is the all-in-one MBX package, including MBX OPC Server, MBX Bridge routing and communication functions, and the full set of MBX device drivers for all Modicon networks. Supported networks include: Modbus Plus; Modbus TCP/IP; Modbus (Master RTU/ASCII); Modbus (Slave RTU/ASCII). At the heart of this suite is the MBX OPC Server. The server is compatible with all local and remote OPC clients, including HMI, SCADA, ActiveX Controls, and custom VB and C/C++ applications. The server is compliant with the latest OPC specifications, including OPC Data Access, OPC Data Access Automation, and OPC Alarms and Events.
Specifications:  This suite also includes the MBX Bridge along with all of the MBX drivers included in the MBX Driver Suite. The MBX Bridge combines the functionality of all hardware-based bridging products currently offered by Schneider Automation