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Type:  Network Gateway
Description:  The MBP-100 Network Gateway allows information to be transferred seamlessly among Modbus Plus, RS-485, RS-232, and Toshiba Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) networks.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  The MBP-100 is a member of the ICC Network Gateway Series product family. Members of this family are designed to provide a uniform interface, configuration and application experience. This commonality reduces the user's learning curve, reducing commissioning time while simplifying support. The MBP-100 provides simultaneous support for many different communication protocols, allowing complex interchanges of data among otherwise incompatible networks.
Specifications:  Modbus Plus Port; RS485 Port; RS232 Port; Toshiba ASD Ports; Supported Protocols: Modbus Plus (host), Modbus RTU (RS485 master and slave), Modbus RTU (RS232 master and slave), Toshiba ASD (common serial master), Toshiba ASD (RS485 master) Mitsubishi 500-series and 700-series ASD (RS485 master); Text-Based Console Configuration; A unit's configuration can be uploaded from/downloaded to a PC, which provides the capability for PC-based file backup and easy configuration copying to multiple units. A per-port and per-point 2-level configurable network timeout action can be programmed that allows each internal point to have its own unique "fail-safe" condition in the event of a network interruption. Indicators: 2 green LEDs on each Toshiba ASD common serial port that indicate communication status/activity; 1 green LED on the RS-232 port that indicates Modbus Plus communication status/activity. Field-Upgradeable.