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Schneider Electric SA

MASTERPACT Circuit Breaker

Type:  Misc. Hardware
Description:  In addition to the traditional features of power circuit breakers (withdrawability, discrimination and low maintenance), Masterpact now offers built-in communications and metering functions, all in optimized frame sizes. Masterpact NT and NW incorporate the latest technology to enhance both performance and safety. Easy to install, with user-friendly, intuitive operation and environment-friendly design, they are, quite simply, circuit breakers of their time.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Five performance levels: N1 - for standard applications with low short-circuit levels; H1 - for industrial sites with high short-circuit levels or installations with two parallel-connected transformers; H2 - high-performance for heavy industry where very high short-circuits can occur; H3 - for incoming devices supplying critical applications requiring both high performance and a high level of discrimination; L1 - for high current-limiting capability and a discrimination level (37 kA) as yet unequalled by any other circuit breaker of its type; intended for the protection of cable-type feeders or to raise the performance level of a switchboard when the transformer power rating is increased.
Specifications:  Modbus serial link on RS 485 (terminal block)