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Type:  Controller
Description:  The Vision280 is a high-performance PLC with an integral touchscreen graphical operator panel and keyboard. The PLC can handle up to 171 I/Os via Snap-in and Expansion modules. The Ladder software offers up to 1000K of application memory and supports auto-tune multiple PID loops and Data Tables. Communication options include TCP/IP Ethernet, GPRS/CDMA/GSM, Remote Access utilities, Modbus and CANbus.
Connectivity:  Modbus, Modbus TCP
Features:  120K Database for dynamic data logging and production recipes; PID supports 12 independent Auto-tune loops; Application memory size: up to 1000K; Data types: 2048 Bits/Coils, 1600 Integers/Registers, 256 long Integers, 64 Double words, 24 Memory Floats, 192 Timers; 0.5?sec scan time for one bit operation; Touchscreen FSTN LCD, 320 X 240 pixels, QVGA (4.7"); Up to 255 user-designed screens; Hundreds of images in one application; 24 variables per display, 150 messages/images can be linked to each variable; Backlight illuminated; Customizable keyboard.
Specifications:  Optional Snap-in I/O module (up to 43 I/Os); Optional I/O expansions (up to 128 I/Os); 2 RS232 ports; Optional RS232/RS485/Ethernet port; Communication options: Ethernet, GPRS, CDMA/SMS, GSM/SMS, Modbus, modem access, CANbus;