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Type:  Network Gateway
Description:  8 to 56 channel HART fieldbus gateway device that interfaces a network of HART compatible devices to a Modbus Host computer. System configuration features provide setup for many different control schemes and system requirements.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  Intelligent serial multiplexer designed to convert between the HART and Modbus protocols. Up to 64 HART channels may be driven from a single device, added in multiples of 8 channels at a time. Both point-to-point and multidrop mode is supported, subject to a maximum of 512 transmitters per HtMux. Data is handed off via two RS232 serial ports using the MODBUS RTU protocol.
Specifications:  The HtMux is supplied as a 3U high cardframe suitable for mounting in a 19? rack, with all signal and power connections being made to the front. RS232 Modbus connections are available via two 9 pin ?D? type connectors. Build options are available for 110/220 Vac and 24Vdc. A further option exists for data to be handed off using the Modbus protocol wrapped in TCP/IP frames on Ethernet.