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LiveData Inc.

LiveData RTI Release 5.0

Type:  Software - SCADA
Description:  Real-time monitoring, executive dashboard, and data historian solution
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  LiveData RTI Release 5.0 is a "smart integration" product. It addresses the six key problems in integrating real-time systems by giving users the ability to: Establish real-time, bi-directional data flows between any intelligent device, application and IT system; Monitor and respond in real-time to rapidly changing, complex combinations of operational and IT conditions
Specifications:  Visualize the current state of complex situations, through highly graphic, continuously updated, web-based dashboards; Synthesize all the information relevant to a given situation, bridging the gap between real-time operations and IT; Archive real-time data with precise time synchronization, so that any operation or occurrence can be recreated and analyzed at any time