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SAN Telequip Pvt. Ltd.

Modbus ASCII/RTU Gateway

Type:  Network Gateway
Description:  The Modbus ASCII/RTU Gateway acts as an interface between any Modbus (RTU) device and any Modbus (ASCII) device. It consists of a CPU card and a SMPS. This Gateway supports three serial communication ports, COM1, COM2 and COM3; 32k SRAM; 8K of serial EEPROM; Watchdog timer; and 32k memory mapped for general purpose input/output ports.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Communication interface: Input ASCII Port: RS232/RS485 - 2/4 wire, Output RTU Port: RS232/RS485 - 2/4 wire, Third Port: Diagnostic Port; Serial Parameters Settable through DIP switches on CPU Board; Baud Rate up to 19200 bps. optionally higher baud rates available; Parity Even/Odd/None; Bits/Char 7 for ASCII and 8 for RTU port (Fixed); Stop Bits 1 for both the ports (Fixed); LED indication TX and RX for all the ports; Modbus Function codes 01H, 02H, 03H, 04H,05H,06H,0FH,10H
Specifications:  Dimensions 220mm H x 35mm W x 140mm D; Weight Approx. 1Kg.; Wall Mounting; Power Supply 90 - 270 V AC, 50 Hz; Power Consumption less than 3 watts; Operating Conditions: temp: 0 - 55? C; relative humidity: 5 ? 95 % Rh. non-condensing