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Control Technology Corporation

Blue Fusion Model 5223 Controller

Type:  Controller
Description:  The Blue Fusion model 5222 and 5223 automation controllers use patented CTC technology to serve up interactive web-based HMI projects. The projects are created on a PC using CT HMI Builder, CTC's graphical development software. Once the project has been created, CT HMI Builder converts the project to a CT webHMI project and exports it directly to the Blue Fusion controller. The CT webHMI project in the controller can then be accessed by any number of authenticated users via standard web browsers.
Connectivity:  Modbus, Modbus TCP/IP
Features:  Advanced version of CT webHMI; 9 MB standard flash drive size; unlimited number of controllers HMI project can access; multiple register (block) read; string table translator; event scripts; project scripts; recipe manager; dynamic charting; encrypted multi-level security; multi-panel support; user login authentication.
Specifications:  Processor: 62 MHz RISC; Operating System: multitasking, multithreaded; 84 max simultaneous tasks; 16 MB, Ethernet 1 @ 10/100 baseT; 6 modules bays per rack; 4 racks per systems; 192 max digital I/O per system; 192 max analog I/O per system; 12 max motion axes per system; built-in web server; web monitoring and control, FTP client and server; email client; data logging; email client.