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Type:  Modem
Description:  Modular device to connect end devices over fiber optic cable using RS-232/485 protocol.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  The 2C10 provides electrical interface for RS-232/485 Half Duplex communications by conditioning the electrical signals supplied to and from serial equipment for transmission over the fiber optic network. The simplest modem configuration consists of a Power Supply, an Electrical Interface, and an Optical Interface Module. Additional modules may be added to configure Daisy Chain, Star, Self-Healing Ring topologies and provide Redundancy. A maximum combination of five optical or electrical modules may be connected together in one modem, inter-module communications and operating power is achieved through the integrated module backplane connections.
Specifications:  Mounting: 35mm DIN Rail; Weight: < 9oz ( 250g ); Baud Rate: RS-232: 9.6K-115K Baud, RS-485: 9.6K-230K Baud Half Duplex; Copper Cable Connector: Screw Terminals; Copper Cable End Termination: External (user supplied); Maximum Copper Cable and Tap: RS-232: 1 unit, 50ft (15m), RS-485: 30 units, 4000 ft. (1.2km); Power Indicator: Green LED; Communications Activity Indicator: Amber LED; Ambient Conditions: -40 to 85?C Operational Temperature Range