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Control Solutions, Inc.

BAS-700 Series Hardware with i.CanDoIt

Type:  I/O Interface
Description:  Formerly marketed as "Modbus by the Module," this product line has evolved into i.CanDoIt® The BAS-700 i.CanDoIt consists of a BAS-7050 Ethernet processor module plus one to eight I/O modules from the BAS-700 series. All configuration is done through the embedded web server.
Connectivity:  Modbus, Modbus TCP
Features:  Embedded web server; Configurable physical I/O; Remote I/O linked via Modbus; Remote I/O linked via LonWorks, BACnet; Simple logic & math using "fill-in-the-blank" templates; Templates for threshold & response "rules;" Outputs linked to inputs; Outputs linked to logic applied to inputs; SNMP agent (get/set registers & I/O); SNMP v2c traps based on threshold rules; SNMP traps repeat while event active; Modbus TCP client & server (master & slave); Modbus RTU gateway; LonWorks gateway (Q1 '07); Embedded Script Basic compiler/interpreter
Specifications:  Battery backed real time clock; Time/date scheduler, virtual calendar; Astronomical clock; Event logging to CSV file; Periodic data logging to CSV file; Scheduler driven data logging; Data trending with logging & action rules; On time tracking (e.g. compressor run time); E-mail delivery of data log files; E-mail event notificationp Notification acknowledgement via e-mail; Password protected web interface; SSL secure web interface available; User HTML wrapper with CGI processing; DNS support; Dynamic DNS support; Web client for server driven operation; FTP upload of XML configuration file; FTP download of data & event log files; Telnet server for account maintenance