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Type:  Monitoring Hardware
Description:  TopMessage devices are designed for acquisition of measurement and process data, as a data logger for universal measurement values, remote monitoring of decentralized plant and machinery, test bench automation, vibration monitoring of shafts and bearings and factory data acquisition.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Integrated data storage - independent operation; Signal conditioning takes place within device; Full potential isolation; Universal input/output; Enhanced functions/Virtual channels; Connection to external devices; Configuration via PC; Rail mounted device; Signals are connected via clamps; Message devices can be easily integrated into existing company networks via Ethernet interface; Acquisition of any physical values (e.g. temperatures, pressures, flows, vibration data); Measurement values are stored in the devices already scaled and lineated (e.g. bar, liter/sec, m/min, ?C etc.); Scaling of thermocouples and RTD sensors are pre-configured.
Specifications:  A device comprises 1 or 2 I/O modules that can be combined in any way; Extension devices can be connected to the basic device, each also having 2 I/O modules; Each analog input can be separately connected with RTD, thermocouple, volt or 20 mA signals; Expensive measuring transducers are no longer required and potential isolation means there is no need for isolating amplifiers. All I/O module analog inputs are set up as differential inputs.