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B&R Industrial Automation

X20 bus controller for Modbus TCP

Type:  Controller
Description:  The X20BC0087 bus controller enables X2X Link I/O nodes to be linked to Modbus TCP. The bus controller is operated with the Modbus TCP library or by external systems with a Modbus TCP master function. Fieldbus: Modbus/TCP; I/O configuration via the fieldbus; Integrated 2x switch for efficient cabling; Configurable I/O cycle (0.5 - 4 ms); Reaction time: 1 - 8 ms (depending on load on integrated switch)
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP
Features:  To transfer or receive I/O data on the fieldbus, the bus controller does not need to be programmed. It works simply by configuring the fieldbus master. With the X20 bus controller, B&R continues to follow the completely modular strategy of its I/O slices.
Specifications:  The Ethernet bus controller has a width of a mere 37.5 mm. Made up of a base module, a supply module to supply the voltage for the entire system, and a fieldbus interface, the bus controller is an extremely flexible fieldbus connection. The entire bus-independent backplane can be preinstalled. Pre-wiring is also possible thanks to the removable terminals. Two RJ45 interfaces make economical daisy chain wiring possible.