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Tolomatic, Inc.

Axiom PV Brushless Servo Controller/Drive

Type:  Controller
Description:  The Axiom? PV sequential motion controller features an integrated PLC, motion controller and drive. Windows?-based software uses a point-and-click sequential program and PLC ladder logic editor.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII
Features:  Real-time scan supervisory function continuous from power-up; Typical scan time of 2-4 milliseconds; Ladder logic allows 175 rungs, 4 lines deep, 5 input operations and an output coil; Operations include: normally-open, normally-closed, logical invert, one-shot, output coil, latch, unlatch, timers and counters; 64-character rung descriptor downloaded and uploaded with program; Internal bit-flags for information transfer between controller and PLC; DRIVE: PV series drives use space vector commutation providing better bus voltage use than traditional sine drives for improved speed/torque curves; Flux vector current control provides accurate high bandwidth control of torque producing current for better efficiency and more torque over the full speed range than with traditional sine drives; Drives MRV series brushless servo motors or can be configured for customer-specified linear or rotary 3-phase brushless servo motors.
Specifications:  1.5 axis (gearing to auxiliary axis); Event trigger based on intermediate positions; Motion pause and resume; Modbus RTU and ASCII interface; Pluggable screw terminal connectors eliminate the need for special connectors and secondary breakout terminal strips; Short circuit, over current and over voltage protection prevents drive damage; 25W or 50W internal regeneration; External regeneration connections; CW/CCW travel limit inputs; Fault, enabled, and in-position outputs; 3A brake relay; 3 second peak ratings