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Divelbiss Corporation

Universal Machine Controller, UMCB-xxx

Type:  Controller
Description:  The Universal Machine Controller (UMC) is a fully integrated, 32-bit microcomputer. Powerful and versatile, the UMC provides power over multiple control functions such as temperature, pressure, speed, position, counting, communications and monitoring.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Modbus Master and Slave; 948K Program RAM; 768K Program FLASH; 2 Serial Ports; Dual High Speed Counter Inputs; Battery Backed RAM; Real Time Clock; Analog Out with PIMS Expansion Module; Programs in on-board Compiled BASIC; Support up to 256 Digital I/O Points; Fuzzy Logic and PID; Supports RS232, RS422 and RS485; 12VDC Input Power
Specifications:  Processor; 32 Bit @ 14.745 MHz; User Program RAM: 180K; Flash User Program Storage Area: 256K; Serial Ports: 2 Serial Ports - 1 RS232; 1 RS232/RS422/RS485; Networking: Modbus Master and Slave; Digital I/O: Up to 128 Inputs and 128 Outputs; Real Time Clock: Time of Day, Day, Month, Year and Day of Week; Control Algorithm: Fuzzy Logic and PID; High Speed Counter: 24 Bit Binary Up/Down Counter. Inputs A,B and Reset; Programming Language: On-board Compiled BASIC; Input Power: 12VDC; Input Current: 1.5 Amps Maximum; Temperature Ratings: 0?-60? C