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Divelbiss Corporation

PLC on a Chip Control System (PCS), PCS-xxx

Type:  Controller
Description:  Designed for speed, the PCS series of programmable logic controllers replaces the High Density Bear Bones product while adding expanded features and versatility. These features include analog I/O capabiliy, expanded communication ability via a CAN network with J1939 support, Sychronous Serial Interface (SSI), truly high-speed counting, and broad frequency range Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) outputs. Based on PLC on a Chip? technology, the controller is easy to apply and program using the EZ Ladder PC based software.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Modbus Slave; Supports up to 128 Digital Inputs / 128 Digital Outputs; Analog Inputs; Analog Outputs; 2 PWM Output Channels; 10VAC or 10-30VDC Input Power; Sychronous Serial Interface (SSI) Port; 2 CAN Network Ports; J1939 Connectivity; Multi-purpose Serial Port (RS232 / RS422 / RS485); 2 High Speed Counter Inputs (100Khz max.); Programs with EZ Ladder? Software; DIN Standard Rail Mounting
Specifications:  Operating Temp: 0-60? C; Digital I/O: Up to 128 in / 128 out using HDIO expanders; Memory: 256K FLASH, 12K RAM; Serial Ports: 1ea) RS232 Programming Port, Maximum Baud Rate: 57600 bps and 1ea) RS232 or RS422 or RS485, Maximum Baud Rate: 115.2 Kbps; Networking: 2 CAN Bus Interface Ports (J1939: Read Only suppoted by one); Counters: 2 Channels, Count Up, 100KHz max; PWM Outputs: 2 Channels, Open Collector Output, 1.436 Hz to 47.058KHz; Analog Inputs: 6 Channels, 10-bit Resolution, rated 0-5VDC or 0-20mADC; Analog Outputs: 4 Channels, 8-bit Resolution, rated 0-5VDC or 0-20mADC; Power Requirements: 10 VAC or 10-30VDC, 115VAC with Optional Transformer; I/O POWER: With 10VAC Power, +VA (12VDC) @ .5A Max, 5VDC @ .5A Max. / With DC Input, +VA (equal to power in) @ 6 Watts Max, 5VDC @ .5A Max; Real Time Clock: Month, Day, Day of Week, Year, Hour, Minute and Second