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Hilscher GmbH


Type:  Monitoring Hardware
Description:  The netANALYZER is a tool for the analysis of real-time Ethernet networks. It includes capture hardware for recording the telegrams on the network as well as a graphical user software for Windows with extensive analysis functions. The open driver API allows you to use the capture-hardware in your own custom applications. Integrated Ethernet Test Access Points (TAPs) ensure the absence of reaction on the Ethernet network during the measuring process. There is no relevant additional telegram delay; a TAP physically corresponds to an Ethernet cable of only a few millimeters additional length. The measuring accuracy of 10 ns meets the high requirements of time-synchronized protocols such as IEE1588, PROFINET IRT, EtherNet/IP with CIP Sync, EtherCAT or Sercos. The software allows easy control of the recording process. Important analysis functions, such as timing and network load analysis are integrated in the software. In addition, up to four digital switching signals of the same time resolution can be recorded in parallel to the Ethernet signals. This allows easy comparison of network traffic and the action or reaction of switching events. For a more detailed analysis of the recorded data, the software enables you to store files in the Wireshark.pcap format and to record data directly from Wireshark.
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP
Features:  Passive recording with zero-delay; All important network data at a glance; Graphical analysis of network timing parameters; Find network bottlenecks; Detailed additional information for each telegram; portable netANALYZER with solid metal housing for laboratory development or field set-up and troubleshooting.
Specifications:  See specification sheet.