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Compressor Controls Corp

Series 5 Reliant Turbomachinery Controllers

Type:  Controller
Description:  Purpose-built, Fixed I/O-configuration controllers with IEC-61131 Programming Languages
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Fully deterministic, multitasking operating system; Automation and control programs, including algorithms for antisurge protection and loadsharing; Windows-based TrainTools suite provides comprehensive interface for programming and project engineering; Single- and multishaft gas turbine fuel control; Steam turbine speed, extraction, and valve management control; Compressor antisurge, performance, loadsharing, anti-choke, and quench control; and electrical generator load control.
Specifications:  Four electrically-isolated, 4-wire RS-485 serial ports: one for communicating with a TrainTools Workstation, one for communicating with companion controllers, and two for Modbus communication with a DCS or TrainPanel 500 Operator Interface; 4x20 vacuum florescent display, thirteen control keys, and five LED indicators provide a basic, local interface for units mounted near your process equipment. The built-in interface can be used to monitor I/O signals, alarms, and operating states.