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ProSoft Technology Inc

Ethernet to Belden 9463 Blue Hose Industrial Media Converters, IMC-BHx-AC

Type:  I/O Interface
Description:  ProSoft's IMC-BHx-AC Industrial Media Converters allow users to simultaneously run EtherNet/IP and A-B Remote I/O data on existing Belden 9463 Blue Hose media. Once Industrial Media Converters have been added to the system, users can deploy a phased upgrade of their legacy control system. A Logix system can be deployed on top of the existing Remote I/O infrastructure allowing users to upgrade their legacy I/O, drives, HMIs and other end devices. Upgrading your control system can be done during scheduled downtime, saving time and money.
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP
Features:  Designed for users who want a phased migration of A-B Remote I/O systems; DH+ not supported; Data rates of 1-4 Mbps; Units are Plug & Play - No configuration required; These devices do not have an IP address (similar to an unmanaged switch); Support for 57.6k and 115.2k Remote I/O baud rates; Multi-color LEDs provide quick diagnostics of module and network health; Maximum distance of 1300' with simultaneous Ethernet and Remote I/O data; Maximum distance of 1750' with Ethernet-only data; Repeaters available for longer distances; Support for up to 32 Remote I/O nodes
Specifications:  Master/Slave Ethernet Ports Local 3 Port 10/100 Ethernet RJ-45; Ethernet Bandwidth 1-4 Mbps (20-40 Mbps Peak); Cabling Type (Trunk/Drop) Belden 9463 "Blue Hose"; Remote I/O Baud Rates 57.6K and 115.2K; LEDs (Green, Yellow, Red) Trunk Status (Tri-Color), Drop Status (Tri-Color); DIN Rail Mountable; Repeater: Ethernet Bandwidth 1-4 Mbps (20-40 Mbps Peak); Wall Mountable