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Wanlong Group. Co. Ltd.

ST600 Multifunction Protection Relay

Type:  Misc. Hardware
Description:  ST600 multifunction protection relays offer an intelligent solution to cover the need for electrical network and machine protection (capacitor, line, transformer or machine protection)
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP
Features:  Protections: Under voltage locked over-current; Phase over-current; Reverse time over-current; 0 sequence over-current; 0 sequence over-voltage protection; 0 sequence over-voltage warning; Overload protection; Overload warning; Auto-reclose; Low frequency load shedding; Over-voltage protection; Over-voltage warning; Under-voltage protection; Jam protection; Reverse power protection; Overheat protection; Overheat warning; Gas protection; Gas warning; Over-temperature protection; High-temperature warning; Control circuit failure; Breaker failure;
Specifications:  Metering: Voltage VA,VB,VC; Current IA,IB,IC; P; Q; Power factor; Frequency; Watchdog functions