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Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH

WRF06 LCD RS485 Modbus Type 1

Type:  Misc. Hardware
Description:  Room operating panel with controller, designed to be combined with various European switch manufacturer's design frames with standard 55x55mm aperture. A multitude of design frames made of glass, stone or brushed stainless steel qualify the WRF06 ideally for design-oriented applications. Four buttons to set parameter for single room application with integrated temperature sensor; Optional extension modules add digital inputs, relay, triac or analogue outputs for single room controller operation.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  LCD display with symbols for the HVAC technology for: room temperature; outside temperature; set point temperature; operation mode; fan speed; occupancy; warning message; time & date; open window (energy savings mode); Either 4 digital inputs (field-defined functionality), e.g. dew point detector, window contact etc. or 2 digital inputs and 2 analogue outputs (010V) for temperature control (heating/cooling); Operating functions: light: on/off; dim: up/down; blind: up/down/adjust; set point: up/down; fan speed: off-1-2-3-Auto; Occupancy: Occupied/Unoccupied; Unit: ?C/?F; Controller heat/cool with proportional zone and deadband; Designed for standard design frames with 55x55 mm recess available from various European switch manufacturers, i.e. GIRA, Berker, Peha, Jung, Merten Mounting on standard installation box
Specifications:  Power supply: 15-24V= (?10%) or 24VAC (?10%); Power consumption: typ. 1,3W / 1,5VA; LCD display: 34mm x 21mm, colour black/white; Displays: room temperature, set point adjustment, operation mode, fan stages, presence, warning message; Inputs: 2 (type AO2V) or 4 (type DI4) digital inputs, dry contact, max. wire length 10m; Outputs (type AO2V): 2 analogue outputs, 010V/10mA for valve control heating/cooling, max. wire length 10m; Colors: Pure white, anthracite, aluminium; Protection: IP30 according to EN60529; Ambient temperature: 0-50?C; Measuring range: 0...+50?C; Accuracy: typ. ?0,5K; Transport: 10...50?C / max. 85%rH, non-condensing ; Weight: 100g