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Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH

WRF06 LCD RS485 Modbus Type 2

Type:  Misc. Hardware
Description:  Room operating panel with controller, designed to be combined with various European switch manufacturer's design frames with standard 55x55mm aperture. Design frames made of glass, stone or brushed stainless steel qualify the WRF06 ideally for design-oriented applications. Four buttons to set parameter for single room application with integrated temperature sensor. Optional extension modules add digital inputs, relay, triac or analogue outputs for single room controller operation.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  LCD display with symbols for the HVAC technology for: room temperature; outside temperature; set point temperature; operation mode; fan speed; occupancy; warning message; time & date; open window (energy savings mode); Either 4 digital inputs (field-defined functionality), e.g. dew point detector, window contact etc. or 2 digital inputs and 2 analogue outputs (010V) for temperature control (heating/cooling); Operating functions: light: on/off; dim: up/down; blind: up/down/adjust; set point: up/down; fan speed: off-1-2-3-Auto; Occupancy: Occupied/Unoccupied; Unit: ?C/?F; Controller heat/cool with proportional zone and deadband; Designed for standard design frames with 55x55 mm recess available from various European switch manufacturers, i.e. GIRA, Berker, Peha, Jung, Merten; Mounting on standard installation box
Specifications:  Power supply: 15-24V= (?10%) or 24VAC (?10%); Power consumption: typ. 1,3W / 1,5VA; LCD display: 34mm x 21mm, color black/white; Functions displayed: room temperature, set point adjustment, operation mode, fan stages, presence, warning message; Inputs: 2 (type AO2V) or 4 (type DI4) digital inputs, dry contact, max. wire length 10m; Outputs (type AO2V): 2 analogue outputs, 010V/10mA for valve control heating/cooling, max. wire length 10m; Colors: Pure white, anthracite, aluminium; Protection: IP30 according to EN60529; Ambient temperature: 0-50?C; Measuring range: 0-+50?C; Accuracy: typ. ?0,5K; Transport: 10...50?C / max. 85%rH, non-condensing; Weight: 100g