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Schneider Electric SA

PowerLogic BCPM

Type:  Monitoring Hardware
Description:  The PowerLogic BCPM is a highly accurate, full featured metering product designed for the unique, multi-circuit and minimal space requirements of a high performance power distribution unit (PDU) or remote power panel (RPP).
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  Monitor power distribution at the circuit level to Maximize uptime and avoid outages; Optimize existing infrastructure; Improve power distribution efficiency; Track usage and allocate energy costs; Enable accurate sub-billing; Choose from three feature sets: BCPMA - Advanced: power and energy per circuit and mains; BCPMB - Intermediate: current per circuit, power and energy per mains; BCPMC - Basic: current only per circuit and mains. For mains monitoring, the BCPM requires 1/3V CTs, purchased separately.
Specifications:  Dimensions: Main PCB: 7.3" (184 mm) x 5.8" (146 mm) ; ?" (19 mm) CT strips: 20.5" (521 mm) x 1.0" (26 mm); 1" (26 mm) CT strips: 24" (610 mm) x 1.0" (26 mm); Communications: Modbus RTU protocol; 2/4 wire RS-485, Parity Even, Odd, None (dip switch selectable); 9600, 19.2 K, 38.4 K (dip switch selectable)