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Logic Beach Inc.

IntelliLogger IL-80

Type:  Monitoring Hardware
Description:  Stand-alone data logging and alarming instrument that records values from analog and digital signals and transducers and Modbus RTU Server devices. IntelliLogger is fully programmable via included icon-based HyperWare-II programming and comm software. Input signals can be mathematically processed, used for alarm output and stored to local memory. Data, current values, and alarms can be communicated via LAN, Internet, cell phone, SS radio and more. Upon alarm or time schedule, e-mail and SMS can be transmitted, data can be FTP'd to a server and IntelliLogger can serve Web pages with embedded data and current values to a browser. IntelliLogger can share current readings in its internal Modbus registers with connected Modbus RTU/Client and Modbus TCP/Client devices.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
Features:  Data logging and alarming capability; Graphical, icon-based instrument setup with the included HyperWare-II; Network functions include FTP file transfer, SMS and e-mail with alarms, logger status and data; Remote access via browser for real-time status, readings, setpoint adjustment and data download; 8 isolated, high resolution , analog bipolar inputs directly accept Vdc, mADC, T-couples; I/O expansion via BBus daisy chain connection of additional I/O modules; 4 Digital inputs: field configurable for event, counter or frequency inputs; Digital, relay and analog outputs under program control; Modbus RTU Master mode for interrogation of connected Modbus transducers and device registers; Modbus TCP/Server and RTU/Slave option to allow access to IntelliLogger internal Modbus registers
Specifications:  High-res analog inputs: Eight 18+ bit Isolated, bipolar, inputs, field selectable for thermocouple, mAdc, Vdc? multiple ranges from mV to +/-30Vdc; Low-res analog Inputs: Three 10 bit, differential, bipolar inputs, field selectable for thermocouple, mAdc or Vdc input; Power: 7 to 28Vdc; ~750mW run, 60mW sleep (in low power mode) Operating Temp: -40 to 70C; Dimensions: 6.3"d x 9.4"w x 1.8"h excluding optional weatherproof enclosures.