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Byres Security Inc.

Tofino(TM) Enforcer for Modbus TCP, 9211-ET and 9520-MBT

Type:  Monitoring Hardware
Description:  Tofino provides advanced security services tailored specifically to the requirements of control networks. Tofino may be installed in front of critical PLCs, RTUs and other devices without any pre-configuration or requirment to change the architecture or addressing of an existing control network. Using the Tofino Central Management Platform software, the control systems engineer can edit and test firewall rules that specify which devices in the network are allowed to communicate with each other, and what protocols they may use. Any traffic that does not match these rules is blocked and reported to the Tofino Central Management Platform. The optional Tofino Enforcer for Modbus allows you to specify which Modbus function codes and register addresses may be accessed on each protected Modbus server, providing advanced security for critical Modbus devices.
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP
Features:  Industrial network protection; DIN-rail mounting; simple installation; dual 10/100Mbs Ethernet interfaces; dual redundant power supply inputs; automatic device discovery; simple editing and testing of firewall rules; assisted rule generation; Modbus traffic inspection and content filtering
Specifications:  Power input: dual redundant inputs, 9-32 VDC; Power consumption: 170 mA typical at 24 VDC; Operating temperature range: -40 to +70 degrees C; Operating humidity range: 10% - 90% RH, non-condensing; Physical mounting method: 35mm DIN rail, or panel mounting; Dimensions (W x H x D): 146 x 138 x 42mm; Weight: 0.36kg; Safety certification: ATEX and FM class 1 div 2; Security certification: MUSIC 2007-1 foundation level; EMC certification: CE