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Motor Protection Electronics

Duplexer Controller

Type:  Controller
Description:  The M.P.E. DUPLEXER is a low cost Modbus SCADA-ready pump controller designed to perform level control for duplex lift station applications. The level inputs can be connected to either four float switches or to a conductance probe. The Duplexer provides a 10-second power-up start delay, 5-second lag pump delay, and duplex alternation. LEDs provide power on status, level input status, pump call status, and high level alarm status indication. Pump 1&2 call and high level alarm relays are provided. HOA and lead select toggle switches are also provided. The high level status indication latches upon high level, until reset by pressing the reset push-button (the relay does not stay latched). Level simulation is accomplished by pressing and holding the push-button. Releasing the push-button allows the simulated level to return to normal. Connecting the serial port to a SCADA system allows the lift station to be monitored and controlled remotely. By connecting a programming device to the serial port (MPE p/n TSID), a number of settings may be accessed to customize the unit.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Float or Conductance Level Probe Inputs; Duplex Alternation; Pump Call Indication; High Level Alarm Indication; Power On Indication; Surge Protected Level Inputs; Power Up Delay; Lag Pump Delay; Level Simulation Push Button; Hand-Auto-Off Switches for each Pump, Lead-Lag-Auto Select Switch; Pump Call Relays; High Level Alarm Relay; RS232 Serial Port with Modbus Protocol
Specifications:  Input Power: 120 VAC ?10%, 10 VA max; Relay Outputs: 6 A Resistive @ 120 VAC, 3.6 A Inductive @ 120 VAC; Agency Approval: UL 508, CAN/CSA; Indicators: LED's; Sensor Output Voltage: ?12 V Square wave; Sensor Output Current: ?1.2 mA max (per sensor); Operating Temp: -20 to +60 ?C; Storage Temp: -45 to +85 ?C; Enclosure: Lexan