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ES2161/ES2162, 32-Channel Differential Current or Voltage Analog Input

Type:  I/O Interface
Description:  EtherStax I/O units provide a rugged, high-density, and high-speed solution to interface a large quantity of analog input signals. Units natively accept 32 differential high-level analog voltage or current inputs - ideal for most sensor interface applications in remote zones. For systems requiring high channel-to-channel isolation or a variety of input signals (voltage, current, temperature, frequency, load cell, etc.), the ES2162 has two ports that will each interface 16 inputs from an 8B signal conditioner backpanel.
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP
Features:  32 differential high-level voltage or current analog inputs; Dual DB25 ports for alternate interface to 8B signal conditioning backpanels (ES2162 only); 4-way isolation and surge suppression; Configurable from any web browser; High-resolution 16-bit A/D; Fast scanning up to 1KHz; Dual-format data registers support both 16-bit signed integers and 32-bit floating point formats; User-configurable IEEE-754 32-bit floating point scaling registers on all channels; User-configurable integration function on all channels with totalizing 32-bit non-volatile counter registers; Built-in precision voltage sources for automatic calibration; On-demand self-test for built-in calibration sources
Specifications:  ES2161/ES2162 Spec. Sheet