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KIN-TEK Laboratories, Inc.

FlexStream Automated Permeation Tube System

Type:  Sensor
Description:  FlexStream automated Permeation Tube System is used to create precision gas mixtures. Mixtures are produced by diluting the miniscule flow emitted from permeation (or diffusion) tubes with a much larger flow of inert diluent gas, typically nitrogen or zero air.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Complete, integrated, ready-to-use, turnkey system; Flow path designed for maximum flexibility with minimum error; Up to 8 disposable tubes simultaneously; High stability oven temperature control traceable to NIST; Suitable for reactive gases - mixture contacts only glass, Teflon & stainless steel (other materials available); Automated operation; Modbus connectivity for integration with existing systems
Specifications:  Auxiliary PC interface for remote control and expanded features; PC-based data logging validates continuous in-specification operation; Touch-screen interface for local set-up and manual control; Direct readout of concentration