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OriMaster M, orifice-plate flowmeter

Type:  Sensor
Description:  One-piece flowmeter suitable for clean liquids, gases and steam applications in line sizes from 1 to 8 inches (DN25 to DN200) and at pressures up to 1450 psi (100 bar)
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Supplied in two versions ? one for volumetric flow and one for mass (or corrected volume) flow; One-piece flowmeter, pressure tested as an assembly; Mass Flow version with optional, integral temperature element; Integral multivariable transmitter and RTD for direct reading of gas mass and corrected volume flowrates in a single unit; Integral impulse connections: no impulse piping installation required; Provides repeatable DP connection across installation location
Specifications:  Line Sizes: 25 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200mm; Wafer-bodied orifice carrier assembly with integral square-edged, concentric plate and corner tapping points; Integral 3-valve manifold; Integral direct connections between the carrier tappings and manifold; DP transmitter, factory-mounted onto the manifold and pre-configured for the application