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Particulate Monitor, Model PM 100

Type:  Sensor
Description:  PM 100 offers particulate monitoring performance based on charge induction and protected-probe technologies invented by FilterSense. As particles flow near and around the probe, a minute current is induced. A DSP processes the signal into an absolute output relative to particulate flow. A protective layer over the probe works in combination with induction-sensing to ensure reliable operation with conductive particulate, moist powders, corrosive gases and particulate buildup.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  Multi-channel Particulate Monitor, Model PM 100 Modular, expandable design; Wide range of I/O and fieldbuses; Ideal for multi-compartment filters; Detect leaks and monitor efficiency; Plan maintenance, maintain compliance
Specifications:  Snap in DIN rail type, 32bit DSP with internal CAN bus; Power supply: 115/230VAC 50/60Hz Std (10 or 20 Watts) 24VDC Opt; Particulate Modules (up to 32): 5.0pA Std 0.5pA Opt or DynaCharge? 0.1pA Processor Opt; Fieldbus Modules: Modbus RTU, Ethernet TCP, Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, CanOPEN