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Type:  I/O Module
Description:  When configuring a UEI Cube or RACK chassis, you may choose from a wide variety of analog input boards, analog output boards, digital I/O boards, and boards supporting a complete set of counter/timer functions including: event counting, frequency measurement, pulse-width measurement, frequency generation, pulse and PWM generation. All boards come factory pre-installed and calibrated.
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP
Features:  Analog input boards are available with up to 25 input channels, up to 24-bit resolution and up to 250 ksamples per second. They support direct input with excitation and signal conditioning for Thermocouples, RTDs, Strain Gages, Accelerometers, Pressure Transducers, 4-20 mA/0-20mA, and well as direct input up to 300V. Analog Output boards are available with up to 32 output channels, up 40 V without an external amplifier or buffer. They support channel isolated voltage control and 4-20 mA/0-20mA current control with feedback.
Specifications:  Digital Input Boards are available with up to 48 channels, from TTL to 150V direct input. Output or control boards are available up to 48 channels TTL to electro-mechanical or solid state relays supporting currents up to 5A. UEI also offers onboard voltage and current monitoring for many of the switches or control points. Counters and timers support a complete set of counter/timer functions including: Event counting, Frequency measurement, Pulse-width measurement, Frequency generation, Pulse and PWM generation. In addition to these standard counter/timer modes, boards are also available to read data from Quadrature encoders, differential encoders, hall effect or magnetic pickups, as well as direct input of variable reluctance based speed sensors.