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Schneider Electric SA

Quantum Concept Processors, 140 CPU 5(6)34 1.A

Type:  Controller
Description:  Quantum CPUs, which are compatible with Concept and ProWORX software, are single-slot programmable controllers with built-in executive memory, application memory and communication ports. With all memory components on-board, you do not need extra chips or cartridges for configuration. The processors offered can be differentiated by their memory capacities, processing speeds and communication options.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Quantum Processors manage PLC station with 2/3/4/6/10/16 slots, Local I/O 2 racks; Remote I/O 31 stations with 2 racks; Distributed I/O 3 networks with 63 single-rack stations; Maximum discrete I/O Local I/O 1024 input channels and 1024 output channels; Remote I/O 31,744 input channels and 31,744 output channels; Distributed I/O 8000 input channels and 8000 output channels per network; Maximum analog I/O Local I/O 64 input channels and 64 output channels; Remote I/O 1984 input channels and 1984 output channels; Distributed I/O 500 input channels and 500 output channels per network; 6 Application-specific modules; Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus Plus, Profibus DP, Sy/Max Ethernet, SERCOS, all combinations; 6 Bus connections Modbus 2 integrated RS 232 Modbus master; AS-Interface actuator/sensor bus, INTERBUS-S, Profibus DP; Process control Control loops 40 to 80; Hot Standby.
Specifications:  Integrated ports: 2 x RS 485/232 up to 19200 bps