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Shenitech, LLC

Ultrasonic Flowmeter, STUF-300FxB

Type:  Monitoring Hardware
Description:  The STUF-300FxB family of flowmeters is designed for installation at a fixed location for long-term flow measurement from outside of a pipe carrying pure liquid and liquids with minor suspended particles. It utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as advanced transducer design, low voltage transmission, digital signal processing, self adaptation, etc., to achieve high performance.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Non-intrusive clamp-on technology, no pipe work needed; No moving parts to wear out; No contact with liquids. No pressure drop; High accuracy. Normally 1% of velocity, could reach to 0.5% with in-situ calibration; Bi-directional; Suitable for all commonly used pipes; Suitable for pure liquids and liquids with some particles. No dependency on conductivity; Automatically adapts to pipe material and liquid property variations; Built-in flow totalizers, batch controller and scheduler
Specifications:  Isolated RS-485 interface with power surge protection; Optional GPRS/GSM module for remote flow monitoring or leakage detection; Abundant input/output, isolated 4-20mA output, relay, pulse output, alarm output; NEMA 4X (IP65) weather-resistant enclosure; Optional intrinsically-safe transducer for hazardous environment application