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ORMEC Systems Corp.

XD-Series Indexing Servo Drives

Type:  AC/DC Drive Control
Description:  High-performance, networked, multi-axis integrated motion controllers
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP
Features:  32 independent motion profiles; Incremental and absolute indexing, gearing, registration, camming, blended moves, homing, jog and others; Motion profiles can be mapped to I/O, initiated via Modbus TCP, and chained or looped; Synchronize motion with machine I/O is supported, i.e. Start, Stop or Trigger speed changes with inputs at any point in the chain; I/O can be mapped to change from Position, Velocity or Torque Modes during program execution
Specifications:  Standard USB or Ethernet connections; Industry standard Fieldbus protocols available: Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP; Adaptable I/O, 14 inputs and 8 outputs to support machine control; Functions are easily mapped to I/O points, 1 or 2 functions per point; Available in 115, 230 and 460 VAC input power; Continuous current ratings from 3 to 60 Amp