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Vacon Oyj

Vacon 10 Machinery

Type:  AC/DC Drive Control
Description:  The Vacon 10 Machinery is an extremely compact AC drive for machine makers in the power range from 0.25 kW to 5.5 kW.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Modular I/O usage; RS-485/Modbus as standard; PI controller as standard; Several fieldbus options; External +24 V DC powering to maintain power in API board and field buses in case the main supply is disconnected; Design service for customer-specific API board development
Specifications:  Small physical size; DIN rail and screw mountable; Side-by-side installation; Vacon NC61131-3 Engineering Tool for the most demanding use; Parameter upload and download without the need for a mains power supply; Integrated EMC filters make the unit suitable for commercial and industrial networks; Available in enclosure class IP20 as standard, options for IP21 and NEMA1; Varnished boards as standard; Brake chopper as standard in 3~, 400 V, 1.5 kW and higher; Temperature-controlled fan