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Extranet Avalanche 1720

Type:  SCADA Hardware
Description:  The ExtraNET Avalanche is a full duplex, store-and-forward data logger.
Connectivity:  Modbus; Modbus TCP
Features:  Delivers data to any email address as an attachment in either binary format or as a human-readable CSV file; Poll up to 400 Modbus registers; Set polling interval from 10 seconds to 86400 seconds; Schedule data transmissions from 1 to 24 times per day; Define times (wake & send) to predetermined e-mail address; On-site data storage; Fully customizable scheduled polling and reporting; Can be polled remotely using free SMS messages through the Globalstar Gateway; With scheduled reporting, the modem can be put to sleep between connections to save power
Specifications:  Support for industry standard GFM protocols such as Modbus and Fisher ROC; Rugged Hoffman 4x Enclosure; Extended Temperature Range; Functional in over 120 countries for coverage in most countries world wide; 1 year warranty