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Type:  I/O Module
Description:  WebRelay-Dual is an Ethernet-based, high-performance, mini I/O module that has two electro-mechanical relays, two optically-isolated inputs, nonvolatile memory for logging, and a real-time clock for full-calender scheduling. Users can manually operate the device, or configure it to automatically turn relays on/off at preset times.
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP
Features:  No programming required; Two 5 Amp/ 24 Volt Relays; Field Re-programmable; Two-optically-isolated inputs; Real-time clock with yearly calender; Data logging; Remote Services; Supports SNMP; Modbus TCP protocol support; Supports BASIC scripts; ON/OFF/Pulse modes; Compact, DIN-Rail mountable; 10/100 Ethernet Connectivity
Specifications:  Power Requirements: Voltage 9-28VDC; I/O: 2 Optically Isolated Input, 2 Relay Output; Relay Contacts: SPDT, Max Voltage 28 VAC, 24VDC, Max Current: 5A; Relay Control Options: ON/OFF or Pulse; Optically Isolated Input Voltage: 11-28VDC, Input Current: 4.7mA-25mA; Real-Time Clock: Manual or NTP setup, Battery (capacitor) power backup; Capacitor Power Backup Functions: Real-Time Clock, External Variables, Relay State, 3 days minimum; Nonvolatile Flash Memory; Network: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet; Operating Temperature: -20C to 70C (-4F to 158F); Size: 1.41 in (35.7 mm) wide X 3.88 in (98.5mm) tall X 3.1 in (78.0mm) deep; Weight: 5.5oz (142 grams); Enclosure Material: Lexan 940 (UL94 V0 flame rated); Electromagnetic Compliance: IEC CISPR 22, CISPR 24, FCC 47CFR15 (Class B), EU EN55024, EN55022; Product Safety: IEC 60950-1/EN60950-1