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Hilscher GmbH

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Rheinstrasse 15
65795 Hattersheim, GERMANY

Phone: +49 (0)6190 9907-0
Fax: +49 (0)6190 9907-50
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Hilscher develops and manufactures solutions for fieldbus and industrial Ethernet, including PC cards, gateways, ASIC for major systems such as Modbus, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, DeviceNet, CC-Link, InterBus, CANopen, ControlNet, AS-Interface, SERCOS, Industrial Ethernet, and EtherNet/IP.

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Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
Gateways: netTAP 100Network GatewayModbus, Modbus TCPnetTAP 100 is the protocol converter for sophisticated conversions and supports two-port Real-Time Ethernet to serial, Fieldbus to Fieldbus, Real-Time Ethernet to Fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet to Ethernet automation protocols. It supports server and client functionality in any combination. Client functionality is unrestricted when licensed. A memory card slot allows the user to save firmware and configuration data on a removable card. In case of failure all that is necessary to bring the plant back on line within seconds is to move the memory card from the old netTAP 100 onto a spare unit.
Real-time Ethernet KitMisc. HardwareModbus TCPThis kit is suitable for development and test laboratories as well as for training purposes. It can be used to build a complete communication system for all real-time Ethernet systems. With the included netANALYZER, the performance and function of individual systems or system components that operate according to Ethernet II IEEE 802.3 specification or corresponding bus systems can be displayed.
Gateways: netTAP 50Network GatewayModbus, Modbus TCPnetTAP 50 is a protocol converter for simple conversions. netTAP 50 converts one-port Real-Time Ethernet, fieldbus and serial automation protocols. Server-to-server or server-to-client conversions are supported. As a client, netTAP 50 provides full client functionality to one server device only. This makes it easy to integrate a single fi eld device into any higher-level network.
netRAPID NRP 52-REMisc. HardwareModbus TCPnetRAPID is a quick and secure alternative to in-house development. This netX Chip-Carrier is a solution that offers reasonable costs per unit and reduced risk and fast time-to-market. netRAPID is a complete netX-based communication interface, containing all necessary operating components. The 32 x 32 mm compact netX carrier is soldered to the baseboard - by hand or SMD production process. You only need to add network interface, LEDs and address switches. A simple 2-layer baseboard is sufficient. Full functionality of netRAPID is enabled via licensed firmware that needs to be acquired once and loaded during manufacturing process.
netJACK NJ 100EN-REMisc. HardwareModbus TCPnetJACK with its PCI Express interface addresses the embedded market with high-performance CPUs like Intel AtomŽ. There are also versions with a traditional dual-port memory and fast serial SPI interface. All types have the compact design of a closed IP 40 module that can be mounted without tools. Connector and mounting rails are designed as contact areas and cut-outs on the baseboard. netJACK can be mounted easily right before shipment - or even by the end customer. With netJACK, customers can realize the full range of communication solutions, e.g. for drives, HMI or ident systems. At the same time, additional functionalities as PLC, visualization or individual applications are possible. For customer-specific requirements, Hilscher offers a cost-optimized Design and Production Service. Due to the Hilscher network controller netX, a 10-year delivery guarantee is granted.
netIC 50-REI/O InterfaceModbus TCP, Modbus RTUThe netIC is a complete "Single Chip Module" in the compact dimensions of a Dual-In-Line (DIL) 32 pin plug-in module. It is based on the network controller netX and contains all components of a fieldbus or real-time Ethernet interface with an integrated 2-port switch and hub. With the netX technology the whole spectrum of relevant fieldbus and real-time Ethernet systems is covered. By exchanging the firmware, one single netIC can be used for multiple communication systems. User data is transferred with simple read-write commands to the application via the above mentioned serial interfaces. The well-known Modbus RTU protocol is used as a serial protocol. Conventional shifting registers can be controlled via a synchronous serial interface requiring no additional processor for a simple I/O-device.
netANALYZER NANL-B500G-REMonitoring HardwareModbus TCPThe netANALYZER is a tool for the analysis of real-time Ethernet networks. It includes capture hardware for recording the telegrams on the network as well as a graphical user software for Windows with extensive analysis functions. The open driver API allows you to use the capture-hardware in your own custom applications. Integrated Ethernet Test Access Points (TAPs) ensure the absence of reaction on the Ethernet network during the measuring process. There is no relevant additional telegram delay; a TAP physically corresponds to an Ethernet cable of only a few millimeters additional length. The measuring accuracy of 10 ns meets the high requirements of time-synchronized protocols such as IEE1588, PROFINET IRT, EtherNet/IP with CIP Sync, EtherCAT or Sercos. The software allows easy control of the recording process. Important analysis functions, such as timing and network load analysis are integrated in the software. In addition, up to four digital switching signals of the same time resolution can be recorded in parallel to the Ethernet signals. This allows easy comparison of network traffic and the action or reaction of switching events. For a more detailed analysis of the recorded data, the software enables you to store files in the Wireshark.pcap format and to record data directly from Wireshark.
Modules comX: comX 100 and comX51Misc. HardwareModbus TCPThe comX communication module is a universal solution for upgrading devices with client or server functionality. All modules are pin-compatible and have an identical software interface. There are designs with an integrated network connector and designs in which the network interface is tied to the base board.
PC-Cards cifXNetwork GatewayModbus TCPPC cards are the fastest and easiest way to equip automation devices with a fieldbus or Real-Time Ethernet interface. They are equipped with accepted and standardized interfaces and will typically be used in industrial PCs and compact HMI terminals. In combination with a freely marketed SoftPLC, display or your own application they quickly solve any automation task.

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Hilscher North America Announces Personnel Changes in Management
Hilscher North America Inc. welcomes Tim Pauls as Interim Managing Director. He succeeds Phil Marshall who left the company this year.
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Hilscher's New M.2 Format PCI Express Card Supports Fieldbuses and Real-Time Ethernets
At the heart of the M.2 2230 card is Hilscher's award-winning netX 90 multiprotocol communication chip. M.2 card users can choose among loadable firmware for PROFINET IO-Device, EtherNet/IP Adapter, EtherCAT and OpenModbus/TCP.
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