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Anders Carlssons gata 7
Goteborg, 417 55 SWEDEN

Phone: +46 (0)31 55 99 77
Fax: +46 (0)31 22 70 71
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PiiGAB develops, markets, and sells software and hardware for data communication, data acquisition and tracking, to be used in an industry setting and in building automation. PiiGAB improves the user's level of expertise, in local as well as in peripheral equipment. PiiGAB is an active partner in the alteration process that is now taking place within the information and technology tracking systems in industry and building automation. PiiGAB strives to live up to its slogan "Innovative energy optimization."

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Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
Modbus2MBusNetwork GatewayModbus RTUThe application Modbus2MBus for the PiiGAB M-Bus 900 gateway is developed to enable communication via M-Bus with Modbus units in an existing M-Bus network. Users are also able to extend an existing M-Bus network with Modbus. This provides a unique opportunity to use both M-Bus and Modbus at the same M-Bus network. For example, one can communicate with meters, heat pumps, cooling units, PLC, distributed I/O units etc. that are using the Modbus protocol. The gateway works as a translator between the two protocols. This allows M-Bus based systems to communicate directly with Modbus units.
MBus2ModbusNetwork GatewayModbus RTU, Modbus TCPGateway/converter series developed for remote reading of M-Bus meters with up to four clients simultaneously. With this product it is possible to parallel connect a Modbus client to read values from an M-Bus meter to a PLC/RTU or to be shown on a local display. The gateway includes the option of a Modbus server. The Modbus server can be used independently or together with external systems such as SCADA systems or configuration tools.

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PiiGAB Announces M-Bus 900S with wireless M-Bus
The Wireless M-Bus application can read up to 500 meters with S, T or C-mode, and read the meters' signal strength to help ensure that the antenna and repeater are correctly placed.
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Modbus2MBus - a new application to make your Modbus devices talk M-Bus!
PiiGAB Processinformation releases Modbus2MBus, an application that enables communication via M-Bus with Modbus units on an existing M-Bus network.
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