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AMASS Data Technologies Inc.

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812 Proctor Avenue
Ogdensburg,, NY 13669 USA

Phone: +1 819-827-0077
Fax: +1 819-827-4305
Web Site:


AMASS Data Technologies Inc is a company that designs, develops and manufactures microprocessor-based distributed control modules for the industrial control marketplace and data acquisition systems and related sensors for the environment.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
Embedded Control Digital I/O ModuleI/O ModuleModbusThe ECDIO Digital I/O Module is a compact DIN-Rail mountable, full-function, digital I/O subsystem that is compatible with the following RS485 multi-drop networking protocols: AMASS Data?s ECN, SDI-12/RS485 and Modbus RTU. The ECDIO provides firmware-based intelligent digital I/O functions for its 24 I/O lines and uses the ECN, which supports up to 32 modules over a distance of 4000 feet on single or dual twisted pair cable.
PSE/RTU Shaft EncoderSensorModbusPSE optical shaft encoders are intelligent sensors providing data through a communications port (SDI-12, Modbus RTU, ...) in engineering units using user-programmable OFFSET and SCALE (units per revolution) settings. Hardware includes a +10.5 to14V input for external battery, charger or solar panel and a 9 V alkaline battery to provide a total of approximately 240 hours of backup in the event of power supply interruption. The shaft is mounted on precision, zero-resistance bearings and is compatible to our pulleys.
Analog to Digital Conversion Module, PAIMI/O ModuleModbusThe AMASSER PAIM is an 8-channel analog input module in the form of a standalone SDI-12 device providing A/D conversion (16-bit resolution) as well as excitation ports. It also includes 3 channels for period measurements and 3 for frequency measurements. The PAIM provides an interface for SDI-12 loggers that are to be connected to various non-SDI-12 sensors, such as for weather monitoring. This A/D converter is a standard feature on our PDAS-II data loggers.