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Virtual Extension

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5 Menachem Begin Blvd
Beit Dagan 50200, ISRAEL

Phone: +972-3-732-1207
Fax: +972-3-573-1629
Web Site:


Virtual Extension develops and markets high performance Smart Environment and Wireless Sensor Network products optimized for Mesh topology in ISM frequency ranges. A unique technology, based on synchronized flooding, has been designed to obtain the best coverage and to have the farthest range and the highest RF resiliency in its class in a large range of applications.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
VEmesh Wireless Mesh NetworkModemModbusVEmesh is a wireless mesh network that connects Modbus devices and serves as a transparent wireless cable replacement. Operating in the ISM frequency ranges and based on synchronized flooding technology, VEmesh provides highly reliable and cost effective bi-directional wireless communication. The network's design incorporates a built-in secured message delivery, eliminating the need for routing, configuration and healing processes, to create a modular solution with no practical limitation to the number of nodes and to the coverage area.
VE209 Wireless Mesh ControllerControllerModbusVE209 is the building block for designing VEmesh - a highly reliable Wireless network with the best-in-class robustness, range and coverage, to transparently serve as a wireless cable replacement for connecting Modbus devices